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Anonymous asked:

So I hear you like Crobby prompts... how about Crowley getting Hell flashbacks and Bobby comforting him?


Yeah I do…though I’ve actually got about 50 in my inbox right now and holy crap! Not sure how many I’ll actually be able to do since more keep on coming in *eep*

Now this prompt…Oh jesus…really? Did you have to send that idea in? What could’ve been a nice simple three panel deal has now ballooned into a least a 5-6 PAGE snipet of my larger project…*sigh* Wish I didn’t find Hell so interesting.

Also…I can’t spell apparently, “retro chic” will be corrected when I letter the thing [frickin’ English].





Like I needed anymore comic pages right now LOL!

But seriously, thanks for the prompt ^_^

Kinda makes me want to hold Crowley and snuggle the shit out of him.



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