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#supernatural is an eight-season long exercise in raising my hopes impossibly high and then shattering them on the concrete #”here is a really fascinating character—an archangel #one of the original four who got so tired of the fighting that he turned tail and ran; hiding in the skin of a pagan god #a trickster enacting a warped version of his father’s justice on the cruel and the petty; playing at human pleasures but rejecting all else #and when his brothers’ vessels come around he can’t help interfering—though he cannot decide whether he wants to save them #or prepare them for their fate or even hasten its arrival #because that was always the problem—he was never good at taking sides and he was never enough to reconcile them #”don’t you ever ever presume to know what I am”—as though he knows #all the faces he’s worn; all the parts he’s played and all the roots he’s ripped up—how could he know? #and we could have explored that; delved into the psyche of an angel who—unlike Cas—was there #who knew Michael and Lucifer intimately; who knew GOD #but still had that fault line running through him; this very human cowardice and uncertainty #BUT THEN OF COURSE THEY KILLED HIM OFF THE NEXT TIME WE SAW HIM BECAUSE WTH IS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT #ahaha supernatural #you’re the worst (notbecauseofvictories)







jim fucking carrey

jim fucking carrey


I love Jim Carrey. I once met him in a 7/11, and I was getting a soda, I turned and saw it was him, and he saw I was going for a Doctor Pepper, so he said “Oh did you want one of these”, to which I stuttered out a yes and he grabbed all of them and said “too bad” and brought them up to the front. Then he bought his stuff and left the sodas there, and left. Almost immediately after, he ran back in and began putting the sodas back and paid for mine.

This is what happens when Candians are let lose and try to prank people


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